I started with the previous House points
The Driveway concrete NW corner is 2 ft South and .21 ft West of the house corner
Click Point Edit
Click this point
New Point
Enter the above offsets        back

Click Save - we have the below point
Click the point you just added
Click New Point
My driveway is 20.58 ft wide        back

The driveway has seams at the below offsets
Click Parallel
Click the 2 driveway points
Note the arrow on the line - Driveway extends to the left of the line
First seam is at 5.33 ft        back

More seams are added with Parallel lines and Offset distances        back

Point Numbers were turned on
The driveway is bounded by 5, 13, 14, 6 and closed by 5        back

A new boundary called Driveway is created
The points are added in this order
The seams are then added        back

When House and Driveway are turned on this is what we have
You now have several possible points to measure from with your tape measure         back

Be as careful as possible with these points to get good results later - These points will not normally change - A tree will grow and you won't be able to measure from the same place on it.