Measure house with tape

My house is 30.42 ft East to West and 78.42 ft North to South

I started by clicking New
Then chose File with one point - Then OK        back

The first point is going to be the Southeast corner of the house
Click Point Edit
Click New Point at same coordinates
Enter an East offset of -30.42 - This location will be 30.42 ft West of the current point
Type Southwest corner        back

Click Save - we now have 2 points
Click Parallel line
Click point 1 and point 2 - a line with an arrow will be drawn - note arrow
Click Right
Enter an offset of 78.42        back

Click Save
We now have four points which represent the house corners
Open Text View
Notice the comments need to be changed        back

The house points renamed        back

The assumption made to generate these points was that the house is square

To help visualize what we have lets connect the house corners with lines
Click Feature Editor
Click Aerial and enter House        back

Click Continue
Click New Boundary
Enter House
Arrange the Destination Points in this order
Click Aerial - House - House
The outline the house is drawn